Councilor – Jeanette Pope

Jeanette PopeJeanette Pope is an Associate Professor of Environmental Geology at DePauw University.  She became a member of CUR in 2002 and served as a Councilor from 2006 to 2012.

“I believe that research that involves undergraduates is an essential part of my faculty position at DePauw. For this reason, I have supervised six different independent research projects involving seven students in five years. This work has resulted in five presentations at regional and national meetings with students as co-authors. I believe the opportunity to attend a conferences is an important to the professional development of students, which is why I have supervised, including finding funding for, the travel of five presenting students and two non-presenting students at five conferences. I also involve research experiences in my upper-level geology courses. Although smaller in scope than independent projects, these labs teach students how they can approach unknown questions in the real world.”

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