Councilor – Ed Hansen

GeoCUR Councilor Ed HansenEd Hansen is at Hope College.

“I have been doing research with undergraduate students for nearly 30 years. For me research by itself is rewarding but it is particularly rewarding when done with young energetic, enthusiastic students who bring a fresh perspective. These students have had a major impact on the direction my research has taken. I started working entirely on projects involving metamorphic geology and mineral chemistry. However, students had a strong interest in the coastal dunes not far from our campus so I began to also do research in aeolian geomorphology which eventually lead to projects (and papers) in sedimentology and paleoliminology. Getting to know those students has been one of the main rewards of my job. I am still collaborating with several of my students who “caught the bug” and went on to pursue careers which involved research. This includes my very first research student.”

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