Councilor – Meagen Pollock

Meagen PollockMeagen Pollock is an Associate Professor of Earth Sciences at The College of Wooster. She began serving as a GeoCUR Councilor in 2009.

“CUR’s mission naturally aligns with my interests in research and teaching. At The College of Wooster, all students complete a year-long original research project, known as an Independent Study (I.S.). As a result, I strive to provide research opportunities for students at various stages of their academic careers, from the Senior I.S. student to those in their first-year. In addition, my approach to teaching ensures that all of my students (from intro to upper-level courses) develop high-quality research skills. Like all of us in GeoCUR, I find the interactions with my undergraduate researchers intensely rewarding. Not only do I get to watch my students develop independence and sharpen their critical thinking skills, but their interest and excitement in generating new knowledge helps to push my research forward. There is no doubt that CUR, as the leading resource on best practices, has strengthened my undergraduate research program and helped me develop strategies for effective mentoring.”

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