2010 CUR Conference

Conference Theme:  Undergraduate Research as a Transformative Practice
CUR held their 13th biennial conference at Weber State University, UT, June 19-22, 2010.  Several sessions were presented with a geoscience focus and by Geoscience Division members.  A sample of the talks and posters are listed below.

GeoCUR at 25: How Working with Undergraduate Researchers has Changed with Time
Laura Guertin, Penn State Brandywine; Meagen Pollock, College of Wooster; Jeff Ryan, Unviersity of South Florida
The Geosciences Division of CUR is celebrating 25 years of mentoring faculty engaged with undergraduate researchers.  Over the years, the range of undergraduate research projects and types of student researchers has notably changed with technological advances.  This session will be an exchange and reflection upon where undergraduate geosciences research has been, where it is now, and the anticipated future directions.
Additional resources:

Engaging New Audiences in Research by Teaching the Process of Science
Anne Egger, Stanford University; Anthony Carpi, CUNY
Learning about the way science really works helps lower the barriers for students to get involved in research.  Participants in this workshop will explore new resources for integrating the process of science into their teaching and discuss strategies and develop activities to help open the door to research for more students and continue to support them through the process.

Bridging from the Classroom to Undergraduate Research using Remotely Operable Research Instrumentation: Examples with Microbeam Instruments
Jeff Ryan, University of South Florida
This workshop will demonstrate new approaches for bringing students to undergraduate research through flexible classroom activities with remotely operable research instrumentation, through interactive exercises with remote-access microbeam tools, and discussions of other Web 2.0-inspired interactive research tools and resources.

Poster Presentations

PURE@WOU: Developing and Implementing the Program for Undergraduate Research Experiences at Western Oregon University
Jeffrey Templeton, Western Oregon University

Institutionalizing Undergraduate Research at Brigham Young University – Idaho
Dan Moore, Brigham Young University – Idaho

An Authentic Research Experience for Freshmen and Sophomores: From Proposal Writing to Presentation

Visionlearning (see “Process of Science” modules): http://www.visionlearning.com/

School of Earth Sciences Undergraduate Research Program (Stanford): http://pangea.stanford.edu/undergradresearch/index.php

GeoCUR at 25: Faculty Reflections on How CUR has Transformed Undergraduate Research Mentoring Practices
Laura Guertin, Penn State Brandywine; Eric Johnson, Hartwick College; Pat Manley, Middlebury College; Terry Lahm, Capital University

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