MentorTip: a list of topics for research collaboration

GeoCUR Council Dan Moore provides a tip for how to connect a student with a topic to begin a research collaboration.

“I use class projects to advertise the kinds of things I work on.  I typically allow students in classes to choose their own topic, but I also always provide them with a list of topics derived from the projects I am working on. They almost invariably choose one of the topics I have listed. Working on the project as part of a class gives them a feel for what it is like to work with me and gets them started on the project. Also, it gives me the opportunity to see their interest and ability. Near the end of the project, I’ll often invite the students to make the project their senior thesis.  This been a great way to initiate research collaborations with students.”

Do you provide a list to your students? Please add your comments and share your practices below in the “Leave a Reply” field!

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