Councilor – Liz Johnson

lizjohnsonLiz Johnson is an associate professor in the Department of Geology and Environmental Science at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA. She began serving as a GeoCUR councilor in 2014 and ended her term in 2017.


“I am pleased and honored to serve as a councilor in the geosciences. My passion for research at the undergraduate level originated with my own research experiences in high school and college. These projects were invaluable in focusing my career interests and helped me to learn science by doing science. To me, the greatest joy as an undergraduate research mentor is witnessing the development of students’ scientific creativity, ownership of the project, and confidence to move into their future careers. I have personally mentored more than 25 student projects so far in my career, but I wish to help as many students as possible benefit from the experience of undergraduate research. I am excited to be a part of CUR and I look forward to being a part of its mission to promote and support undergraduate research.”

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