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Welcome to the GeoCUR website.  GeoCUR is our informal branding of the Geosciences Division of the Council on Undergraduate Research.  We are excited to have your interest in GeoCUR activities.  The Geosciences Division of the CUR includes a growing group of faculty and administrators who are dedicated to engaging the next generation of geoscientists in meaningful experiences that help them better own their education.  As we all know, geoscience educators do a good job of providing innovative learning-by-doing opportunities for our students.  As evidence, many of us were hooked by the wows of our first geology/geography course.  Our members are encouraged to interact and share the ways we engage students in research experiences in and out of the classroom.  We often sponsor or co-sponsor workshops and sessions designed to introduce best practices for engaging students in the classroom, mentoring groups and individuals in extracurricular research experiences, assessment of exercises and experiences, and the intentional integration of research skills development into our curricula.

As you will see while you explore this website, we offer awards for “Excellence in Student Research” and an “Undergraduate Research Mentor Award” annually.  The GeoCUR partners with national and international efforts to 1) help broaden the pipeline of interest in the geosciences by increasing the number, quality and diversity of undergraduates in the geosciences, 2) engage our undergraduates in meaningful research experiences throughout their educational careers, and 3) help these students transition into careers in our disciplines.  You may have noticed that we sponsor Undergraduate Poster Sessions at nearly every section meeting of the GSA, in addition to the Fall Meeting of the AGU.  CUR is the voice of undergraduate research for faculty.  Our aim is to help make GeoCUR that for our discipline.  So, we invite you to be involved as a member and to consider offering your time and talents to become a councilor for the division.

Best wishes,

Lee Phillips, GeoCUR Chair, plphilli@uncg.edu
University of North Carolina at Greensboro




Past Division Chairs

2017-             Ginny Peterson
2014-2017     Lee Phillips
2012-2014     Patricia Manley (Welcome message)
2010-2012     Ed Hansen
2008-2010     Laura Guertin (Welcome message)
2006-2008     Jeff Ryan
2004-2006     Lydia Fox
2002-2004     Lori Bettison-Varga
2000-2002     Jill Singer
1998-2000     Jill Singer
1996-1998     John Creasy
1994-1996     Don Woodrow
1992-1994     Barbara Tewksbury

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