Previous Councilors

The following faculty have served in the role of councilor for the Geoscience Division for the Council of Undergraduate Research.  Each person has made a valuable contribution towards advancing the missing of undergraduate research in their service to the organization.

Brannon Andersen, Kodjopa Attoh, David Bailey, Maggie Benoit, Lori Bettison-Varga, Daniel Brabander, Patrick Burkhart, Diane Carlson, Niccole Cerveny, John Creasy, James Cullen, Robert Cullers, Alexandra Davatzes, Yildirim Dilek, Bill Dinklage, Weston Dripps, Steve Dunn, Anne Egger, Dori Farthing, Karen Fryer, Bruce Goodwin, Karen Grove, Laura Guertin, Greg Hancock, Kim Hannula, Ed Hansen, Angela Hessler, Shelley Jaye, Elizabeth “Liz” Johnson, Eric Johnson, Chris Kim, Erik Klemetti, Samuel Kozak, Ardi Kveven, Terry Laham, Tim Lincoln, Larry Malinconico, Dave Matty, Katherine McCarville, James McLelland, Charlotte Mehrtens, Kirsten Menking, Stanley Mertzman, Bill Miller, Molly Miller, Dan Moore, Felix Mutchler, Michael Nelson, Kirsten Nicolaysen, Jeff Noblett, Christopher Oze, Ginny Peterson, Jeanette Pope, William Ranson, Linda Reinen, John Ritter, Lisa Rossbacher, Peter Sak, Bob Shuster, Jill Schneiderman, Frederick Schwab, Jill Singer, Diane Smith, Gary Solar, Dale Splinter, Richard Stenstrom, James Street, Kathy Surpless, Barbara Tewksbury, Charles Tilburg, Binod Tiwari, Deanna van Dijk, Stephan Van Horn, Pat Videtich, Gary Webers, Amy Weislogel, Jennifer Wenner, Wendi Williams, John Winter, James Woodhead, Don Woodrow, Eric Wright, Andrew Wulff

In addition, the following GeoCUR councilors/members have served as president of the Council on Undergraduate Research.  We thank these outstanding geologists for their service to not only the geoscience community but for their outstanding and tireless efforts in promoting undergraduate research for all.

Lori Bettison-Varga, 2006-2007
Jill Singer, 2003-2004
Michael Nelson, 2001-2002

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